About Me

My name is Maria and I’m the creator of Goodiis and Mr.Sloth! I’m a Melbourne-based Industrial Designer, currently designing toys for infants and older kids!… But my real passion is Mr. Sloth.

Who is Mr Sloth?

I have always loved sloths. Ever since I can remember! Over three years ago, I created Mr. Sloth. He’s been traveling the world with me and now I sell him online and in stores. He’s a plush sloth who finds his shirt in the strangest of places. Plus, he loves to travel and have fun!! He has visited South America, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand – and he LOVED it. I took some happy snaps and they are being shared across the world. He has many Instagram followers, following his journey! Go check out @goodiis_workshop!

He’s handmade by me, from furry and textured fabrics and is available in all different colours and patterned shirts! Made with fake fur, vinyl, felt and filled with premium soft fill (polyester). Each sloth measure approximately 50cm x 65cm high (just like a real sloth). The perfect friend for any hip child who loves cuddly sloths. For bed time or for day time adventure. He also has a story written about him ‘The Many Shirts of Mr. Sloth,’ which is soon to be released! I have self published, written and illustrated this colourful and humorous book. This is the story of Mr. Sloth and his shirts! It’s Mr. Sloth’s birthday and he’s having a dress up party. Follow his journey where he discovers his perfect birthday shirt! This story will inspire little ones to become strong and confident people! Soon I will create his traveling books, too. Look out for them!

~Please note: if you purchase Mr. Sloth, remove all packaging and ties before use. Mr. Sloth contains small parts and are only suitable for children 3yrs and over (that includes adults that love softies too). It’s machine sewn for durability.

~Care Instructions: Wipe Mr. Sloth using a damp cloth and air dry. DO NOT HAND WASH, MACHINE WASH OR TUMBLE DRY.

~Postage: Your Mr. Sloth pal will be sent nicely gift-wrapped in a padded bag via registered post within Australia and registered international post for orders placed outside of Australia. Please note: international posts will take 7-10 business days (or even longer depending the location).

Check out the other Mr. Sloths on my Etsy page. There are plenty new designs to choose from. Different colours and furry textures!! He’s a loyal friend that will stay with you forever.

Story of Goodiis
My love of textiles and product design has evolved through my strong art and design background, and years of innovation and product development. I completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design. As a senior designer, I’ve worked on numerous well-known consumer products and designed and engineered world-known infant developmental toys over the past 12 years.  I’m a crafter at heart. My love of fabrics and sewing has pushed me to be more creative in my spare time. I love it!

Inspiration for Goodiis
I love to sew and make things by hand. My business allows me to be as creative as I wish. I craft because it makes me happy. It’s therapeutic, fun and rewarding when I see customers interact with the products I make. I think we should admire and support handmade goods. I know Australia has embraced this culture in recent years and I’m happy to be part of it! I’ve been making things, for fun, ever since I remember. For the past three years, I’ve taken my craft seriously and created my own Goodiis label. Goodiis are bright, unique and one-of-a-kind collection has been exhibited online, in-stores, in markets and featured in successful craft blogs. From my studio in Hawthorn, I design, make and sell a range of handmade crafts.

It has been incredibly satisfying to see my pieces come to life and for them to be adopted so quickly in Melbourne’s thriving craft community. I can’t wait to interact with more of the greater craft community and to see what’s in store for Goodiis. Thank you for visiting!

Maria x